Modilon hospital has outstanding issues to sort out, says staff

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 28th May 2013


MODILON General Hospital in Madang claims that it has no outstanding issues with its staff but the workers are claiming otherwise.

A hospital staff, who did not wish to be named, said that patient care had deteriorated due to the management ignoring key issues raised by workers, especially nurses.

The hospital recently renovated its three single nursing quarters, upgraded its drainage system at the labour ward and will soon have a new operating theater is changing for the better.

However, single mothers with children living at the quarters have had to move out while renovations were done.

Now the nurses are claiming that they have been told to look for their own accommodation as “children are not allowed into the quarters”.

Looking for rented accommodation has taken up time as well.

The hospital source, who is also a single mother of two, said the hospital paid rented accommodation for them then but now they cannot move back because they have children.

It was reported that two weekends ago a total of 11 deaths occurred in one ward alone.

“These are preventable deaths,” the source said.

Hospital CEO Sr Christine Gawi, when asked about the housing issue, said she could not comment as it was an “administrative issue”.

Meanwhile, the hospital’s general manager corporate affairs, Albert Sika, promised to issue a media statement to clarify the hospital’s stand on these issues.

Sika said if patient care was deteriorating then there was “something morally and ethically wrong with the person supposed to be taking care of the patient”.