Mom saved, conjoined twins die in Wewak hospital

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The National, Monday 22nd April 2013


DOCTORS at the Wewak General Hospital could only manage to save the mother of conjoined twins delivered by caesarean section yesterday.

The male baby born with two separate heads, four hands and two legs died after complications developed during delivery.

The baby weighed 3.5kg and was delivered at 7.30am.

Dr Jimmy Kambo said the hospital had the capability to detect twins but anything beyond that was impossible as they lacked expertise and equipment.

The mother, Ethel Steven of Kambokora village near Passam National High School, is married to a man from Boikin village, West Coast of Wewak. 

They have three children.

Steven’s relative Peter Monogouru, thanked Kambo and his staff for saving her.

He however blamed the national government for failing to properly equip the hospitals with equipment which could detect such abnormal cases of pregnancy and delivery.