Mondiai says traffic checks in Morobean city successful

Momase, Normal

The National –Thursday, January 6, 2011

 THE Lae city police chief has praised his members for a successful road safety operation, which ended last weekend.

Chief Supt Nema Mondiai said it was not only traffic infringements and related offences but also general policing. 

“Their presence at various sections of the road in the city gave an indication that police were at work over the festive period,” Mondiai said.

“It is one of the best road safety operations that we had. 

“Police ensured a peaceful festive season for the travelling public. 

“There were no major road accidents in the city and we were able to keep track of vehicles in the city.”

He said this at a small gathering at the Aviat Social Club last weekend. 

The weekend gathering included police, provincial traffic registry, National Road Transport and Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL) personnel.

He said in the past three weeks, 37 offenders were arrested and charged with various traffic offences, 30 vehicles were deregistered, 52 were impounded and more than 2,000 traffic infringement notices were issued.

He said there were still uninsured, unregistered and unroadworthy vehicles on the road in Lae city. 

“Officers did not have enough time to stop and thoroughly check all the vehicles.

“It was an enormous task.

“I would like to see more of similar road safety operations in the near future,” Mondiai said.