More women take up weather service training

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THIRTY-SEVEN cadets graduated under the initial meteorology training course from National Weather Service (NWS) in Port Moresby last week.
NWS director Samuel Maiha said this is highest number they have trained in five years.
In 2010, the NWS recruited and trained only 10 cadets, most of which were male.
This year’s training course saw eight female cadets graduating in five different sections under the training course creating a balance for what use to be a male dominated career.
The completion of the training is an achievement for the NWS where the cadets when recruited came from different levels of education who all completed the course successfully.
“We are looking forward to achieving some of the things we did not achieve before because now we have the staff,” Maiha stated.
Charity Tepe, a cadet representative in her speech said, learning a 10 month’s long course in just 10 weeks has not only challenged them but has also molded them to be strong.
The grandaunts within 10 weeks of training have covered areas in climatology, meteorology, oceanography, observatory and information technology.
Transport Department human resource manager Chris Raphael said training changes people, it changes them in a way they should and must excel.
Raphael encouraged the graduates to be self-disciplined and excel with NWS with new changes that are soon to take place.

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