Mori denies evading police

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The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 MEMBERS for Chuave Wera Mori has denied evading evading arrest.

It was reported in this newspaper yesterday that he was on the run from police, but he said he did not get away from the police and went to attend to his electoral duties.

He also denied any wrong doing.

Mori said he went to the police headquarters to see the police commissioner but the commissioner was not present and he met with the deputy commissioner who directed him the Director of Legal Services Chief Supt James Miviri who cleared Mori Resources of any wrong doings.

He said his company was contracted by the Central Supplies and Tenders Board and all processes were followed.

He said Mori Resources introduced the Global Information System (GIS) remote sensing technique to map out the 40-metre corridor of the Chimbu section of the Highlands Highway this was after K54 million was paid out and the cost further escalated to K68.9 million.

He said they were able to verify claims of only K6.45 million and saved the state K62.45 million.

Mori said his company also assisted the Works Department for road upgrading along the highway.

“I did not run away from police investigations. After being cleared by the Director of Police Legal Services, I have no option but return to the electorate to conduct my duties as a mandated leader,” Mori said.

“I did not go into hiding but have been performing my duties. I went to observe the People’s National Congress (PNC) convention in Lae and publicly watched my team Bintangor Lahanis beating TNA Lions in Goroka publicly.

“Just yesterday I addressed people in Kundiawa as guest speaker for PNG Power 50th anniversary.”

“The allegations have been framed by political opponents to assassinate my character, the charges are totally false, full of lies and misconceived,” Mori said.

Meanwhile Chimbu administrator Joe Kunda was concerned that they were dragged into the issue as they had no knowledge of any wrong doings.