Morobe admin head to look into failed jobs

Lae News, Normal

The National, Monday, May 16, 2011

THE Morobe provincial government has hired a private architect to do a detailed report on contractors who have left work incomplete, Patilias Gamato says.
Gamato, the deputy provincial administrator district services, said building contractors who received money from the government and had left incomplete work at the Morobe Technical High School would face the consequences of their actions.
He said the provincial government had engaged Design Scope to survey and file a detailed report about the work being done at Parogira, near Zaka health centre, in the Morobe local council area.
He said the report would allow the provincial government to get police to arrest the responsible contractors.
Most of the first phase work was left incomplete and only two contractors, PNG Construction Management and DM Construction, completed what they had been hired to do, he said.
Among defaulters is a contractor engaged for K75,000 to drain swamp water clogged beneath the Zaka health centre to Johannes Road.
He said the provincial government had to allocate another K1.5 million to get the work done.
“The money is to complete incomplete classrooms, mess, dormitories, library, teachers’ houses, bench cutting, including furniture,” he said.
He said K400,000 had been allocated for cutting the foothills from Johannes Road to Zaka health centre to set up teachers’ houses, another K500,000 to complete abandoned buildings, K200,000 to buy furniture for staff homes, and K200,000 for furniture for the students’ mess.
He said at the end of this month, furniture and a multi-purpose tractor would be delivered to the school.
The balance was to send technical vocational education training teachers and officials to Kwato, Milne Bay, and Kavieng respectively to learn local boat building and sustainable fishing management skills.