Morobe executive council swears in Seymour, Daimon


THE new deputy governor for Morobe, Waka Daimon, and Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour have been sworn in as provincial executive council members.
Daimon, the president of the Watut local level government, served as chairman for transport during former Governor Kelly Naru’s tenure. He is the deputy chairman of the Bulolo district development authority.
Seymour urged the council members to understand their roles and responsibilities by working with the public servants.
“We don’t need money but we need good managers to administer the limited resources in health and various socio-economic developmental activities,” Seymour said.
“We must take ownership of our responsibilities and do it with our hearts to ensure services reach the length and breadth of the province.
“The political arm and the provincial administration must run parallel to function. It requires all stakeholders’ commitment.”
Seymour said managing health programmes in the province was an issue in rolling out activities into the districts and LLGs conducted in isolation by various organisations.
“Having effective health boards in place will ensure prudent management of health delivery mechanisms to address the affairs facing hospitals, health centres and aid posts,” he said.