Morobe to have more candidates

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WAU-WARIA returning officer Fidelis Harrisol says he is expecting more than 25 candidates to contest this new electorate’s seat in Morobe.
Harrisol said so far 22 male candidates have nominated.
“We will see today if there will be any woman candidate(s) standing to contest this newly established electorate.”
Harrisol said candidates have expressed that there should all work together and avoid discouraging each other during the campaign period.
He said it has been a quiet during nomination period.
“Wau town was quiet and people behave very well despite the fact that we have had faced a situation where not long ago, Wau town experienced the deadly feud among settlers,” he said.
He also mentioned that Bulolo-based Mobile Squad 15 is on the ground in Wau and will be providing security in the newly created electorate during the campaigning period and, hopefully, all through the entire election process.
Harrisol appealed to the public in Wau town to adhere to all election rules and regulations to ensure that a peaceful election is sought for the new electorate.

Public servant ready to serve people of Nuku electorate

Ready to listen … People gathered at a village outside of Wewak, East Sepik, last Saturday to listen to a candidate for the Wewak Open electorate speak about his plans and that of his party. According to the PNG Electoral Commission, nominations around the country will at 4pm today. – Nationalpic by GYNNIE KERO

SIMPLY looking to provide the people of Nuku an alternative style of leadership, experienced public servant Adam Wangu has entered the race for the seat of Nuku Open.
“We need a better and efficient mechanism for service delivery as one of the basic needs which I would like to establish is a rural water service to all the major villages,” he said.
Aiming to achieve this through economically empowering the people with agriculture projects, he says, “the land is where we have to start with as it is through the land that we achieve economic independence for our rural population.”
Having served as the first secretary to the West Sepik Governor Tony Wouwou and having first-hand knowledge of project management working as a geologist in the country and abroad, he is sure that with his established network and time spent with the Governor, he can help serve his people.
Five of the major priorities are weathered roads, better health services, more classrooms, more support to the small to medium enterprises and more financial assistance to struggling low income households.
“I believe in God and myself that I can provide in improving the life of my people ,” he said.

Former NFA head in race for Huon Gulf seat

John Kasu

FORMER managing director to the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) John Kasu was among seven other candidates for the Morobe’s Huon Gulf seat that nominated last Friday.
Kasu concluded his eighth year and second term as the NFA’s managing director last year and is contesting the seat for the first time as an independent candidate.
Kasu, from Labu-Tale village, ward 6 of Wampar local level government was accompanied by family members, supporters during the nomination.
He said he has the experience, expertise and heart to serve his district at the political leadership level, and bring about tangible services at the ward level.
Under his slogan, “Servant to serve”, Kasu said his management of community impact projects at the NFA, has opened his eyes to the grim reality of hardship faced by most rural communities, and especially in the three LLG areas of Wampar, Salamaua and Morobe.
He believes he has the experience and skills to not only bring in impact projects but also to sustain them for maximum benefit and impact.
The Huon Gulf has increased its status as an economic powerhouse district, along with neighbouring Bulolo and Lae districts, as it hosts the upcoming Wafi-Golpu mine project, the Nadzab International Airport upgrading and proposed Special Economic zone project at Labu, all in Wampar LLG area.