Moroi supports Goilala visions

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 30th November 2011

PEOPLE of Goilala have set up an organisation to promote development in the district located in the highlands of Central province.
They were at the University of Papua New Guinea to witness the launching of the Goilala Foundation Incorporated, plus its first website project.
The foundation membership is made up of elites from the three tribal groups of Goilala – Fuyuge, Tauade and Gunimaipa.
They wanted to use the foundation to promote development in the under-developed district. The foundation will also encourage and facilitate development of human resources in the district.
Central Governor Alphonse Moroi is supporting the initiative taken by fellow educated men and women of Goilala to promote the recognition of their people.
His National Capital District counterpart Powes Parkop pledged K20,000 to the Foundation to support its cause.
He also gave a set of computers.
Moroi who has been given life membership of the Foundation also pledged financial help.
President for Woitape LLG, Maria Mark and the Goilala district administrator Titus Girau were present to represent the three LLGs – Woitape, Tapini and Guari and the Goilala district administration.
Moroi launched the foundation while Parkop launched the Goilala website.
They said Papua New Guineans had for so long failed to acknowledge the contribution by educated Goilalas to national development but had been treated badly because of the actions of a few ethnic groups.