Mother of five goes big on strawberries farming


AN Engan woman is turning into strawberry farming on a commercial scale after seeing children attracted to strawberries planted around the house.
Sikilon Yongapen, a mother of five from Meapu village in the Lagaip district had grown strawberry in 2016 around her home.
She said children were attracted to it and started buying the strawberries. She realised it was a good crop to grow and sell at the market.
She decided to sell the fruits at the nearby Wanepap mini roadside market in Laiagam last year.
She said because of the good cool climate and fertile soil, the harvest was good.
Yongapen is one of the strawberry growers in the district.
“I earn between K20 and K30 from my sales every day at the market. It is big money for me,” she said.
It prompted her to cultivate 200 square metres of land last month to plant more strawberries.
She expects to make between K300 and K400 from the sale.

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