Moutu appointed museum director

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The National, Tuesday 28th August, 2012

DR Andrew Moutu is the National Museum and Art Gallery’s new director.
He is a local anthropologist who set his mark in English and Australian universities and is no stranger to arts and culture.Moutu, who completed his masters and doctoral theses in Cambridge,  was appointed last Friday by Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Boka Kondra.Kondra described Moutu as someone with vast experience in arts and culture and that the government was confident under his leadership they could all do something about Papua New Guinea’s culture and history, which were on the brink of vanishing.He said tourism had a long-term benefit and, as minister responsible, he would make sure the government was conscious of his department’s contributions.“With the support of the three respective agencies, their boards and management, we will be able to tap into the kind of ‘gold’ that could be harnessed in ways that sustain our cultural future,” Kondra said.
Tourism Promotion Authority chief executive officer Peter Vincent commended Kondra for his strong will and support unlike the ministers who were in office for the past three years.
National Cultural Commission executive director Dr Jacob Simet, while congratulating Moutu, said his appointment was timely, as member agencies of the NMAG had been waiting for a long time for the set-up of an effective administration.Moutu thanked Kondra and other members of the board of trustees who had faith in him.