MP claims a whole range of issues singled out Asians

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SUMKAR MP Ken Fairweather said Asians had been singled out due to a whole range of issues that needed to be addressed by the National Government.
Mr Fairweather who turned up at the parliamentary inquiry into the May riots against Asian-owned businesses, said Madang seemed to be the target of Asians as seen with the Ramu nickel mine, Yandera mine, and the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ).
He said there were concerns raised on the dumping of mine waste into the sea without any provincial government input.
Mr Fairweather said there was no environmental plan in place and Marengo was using the same system to
dump wastes.
Mr Fairweather said now that the PMIZ was in progress, a number of protests had occurred.
He said the PMIZ was the initiative of the provincial government which had been hijacked by the Commerce and Industry Department.
“There are no environmental and business plans and, in fact, there are no plans.”
He said the National Intelligence Organisation had warned of more riots in future and these issues must be addressed promptly.
He said the May riots were the tip of the iceberg that showed people were frustrated and unfortunately Asian-owned businesses were targeted.