MP condemns leaked reports

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

Special Parliamentary Committee chairman and Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa has breached the Leadership Code by releasing reports without parliament approval, Health Minister Michael Malabag says.
Malabag in response to the leaked interim report on health sector management posted on the committee’s website said evidence taken before such a committee must not be disclosed by any member unless authorised by parliament.
He said to do so without parliament consent was contempt of parliament. The committee conducted its meetings in May 2015 and provided an interim report only weeks later in early June.
“It drew upon a 2013 health management report but ignored two independent 2015 reports conducted by national and international health sector experts.”
Malabag said the interim report was completed without consultation with him or the health secretary.
“The report was full of errors which the department addressed in a comprehensive 50-page response which was provided to the committee.”
He said the health sector faced many challenges and the department was trying its best to address them. But the leaked reports focused mainly on the negative aspects drawing attention away from the positive developments.
Kimisopa, in response to Malabag’s comments, said the details in the reports were gathered from committee site visits and public meetings around the country.
“Recent comments by the Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS that the committee reports on health sector management are full of errors cannot go unchallenged,” he said.
He said facts of the reports could be checked and confirmed by going to the places mentioned in the report.
“I would remind the minister that the interim report was made available to both he and the prime minister but instead of support, we received a 50-page denunciation in response from the National Department of Health.
“The Department of Health secretary was called before the committee and had his chance, along with 30 officers he brought to the hearing, to express their views,” Kimisopa said.
He said the committee was appointed by the parliament and was independent and should not be seeking views from the Government.
He said they were prevented from tabling the report in parliament and further attempts also failed.