MP condemns sorcery practice

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FALSE sorcery accusations are major causes of some of the worst tribal fights in Bena and Kafe areas in Eastern Highlands province.
Environment and Conservation Minister Benny Allan pointed this out at a rare gathering at Kioso Primary School last week to witness  pioneer community leader Abijah Kioso, officially relinquishing his leadership responsibilities.
“Tribal fights in Bena has reached new heights. Every time a person dies in the community, people would hire witch-doctors who falsely identified alleged sorcerers who was tortured and killed,” Mr Allan said.
He condemned the practice and urged the people of Bena and Kafe sharing common borders of Henganofi and Unggai-Bena districts to put a complete stop to the practice of sorcery accusations, killings and hiring of witch-doctors.
Mr Allan said the people of Bena (Unggai-Bena) and Kafe (Henganofi) were generally law-abiding who enjoyed excellent relationships with good reputation over the years.
“However, this had derailed when you started to hire witch-doctors and practise sorcery which triggers some of the worst tribal fights in the province.
“This was one of the root cause of the tribal fights and I am calling on you to immediately put a stop to it,” he said.
He further called on the people particularly those from his Unggai-Bena district to till their land to earn honest living from their sweat.
Mr Allan delivered K110, 000 worth of coffee pulpers and knapsack sprayers to seven villages in east Bena to venture into coffee productions.
He said the money earned from coffee would only be spent on school fees and building materials.
He said when people owned permanent buildings in the villages, there would be no tribal fighting as they would fear for their permanent buildings from being burnt down.