MP sees land as useful to growing economy

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KAIRUKU-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo has urged his people to work their land to develop agriculture projects and participate in small-to-medium enterprise programme.
Isoaimo said that the people needed to get involved in programmes to sustain their livelihood, especially when the nation was struggling financially.
Isoaimo said this during the launch of the 11th Kairuku Local Level Government water supply catchment project funded by the World Bank at Hihive village, Bereina district, Central, last week.
Isoaimo said land in the district was fertile and the people needed to grow rice, cocoa, coffee and other cash crops that would benefit them.
“Kairuku-Hiri is the largest electorate in Central and the DSIP funds received from the Government are not enough for major projects and we need to roll out more agriculture and SME projects.”
He said that the Kairuku and Hiri district development authorities would focus on bringing investors and donor agencies to help develop the electorate as the country was facing an economic crisis.