MPs show respect for Bire

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The National – Thursday, December 2, 2010

THOUSANDS of people poured into Munuma village in Gumine district,  Chimbu, to show their last respect to former Gumine MP and state minister Delba Bire who passed away last month.
The mourners brought foodstuffs as well as live pigs, goats, chickens and cash contributions and presented them to family members and other relatives of late Bire.
Minister for Lands and Physical Planning and current Gumine MP Lucas Dekena and Chimbu Governor Fr John Garia visited Munuma to pay their last respect over the weekend.
Dekena told the mourners that late Bire was a colourful leader not only for the people of Gumine but also for Chimbu and the country as a whole.
He said late Bire served as Gumine MP from 1977 to 1982 and was a member of the Pangu Pati led by the current Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.
He was appointed minister for justice and was then given ministry of correctional service and liquor licensing during a minor reshuffle in the same term in parliament.
“After losing his seat in the 1982 election, he continued to serve many public institutions as board member before retiring to his village at Dile where he remained chief until his passing.
“Late Bire served PNG with loyalty and dedication; I salute him for being a great leader with sober habits,” Dekena said.
Garia also shared deep regrets at the Bire’s passing saying that he left behind wisdom and a good legacy to be emulated.
He said the late Bire was a man who advocated  development and wants upcoming young leaders to be committed and industrious like him in serving people.
The MPs, Dekena and Garia, presented K10,000 cash and six live pigs with foodstuffs.
The body of late Bire would be laid to rest this week in Munuma village in Dom area, Gumine.