MPs told to support police work


Provincial governments and administrations must work with police agencies to address law and order issues, says Morobe law and order executive officer Francis Masiang.
He made the statement in support of the call made by Police Minister Jelta Wong last week in Parliament for all ministers and members of parliament to support and contribute to the work of addressing law and order issues in the country.
Wong said crime was not just a police matter but was everybody’s business and everyone had to work together to address ongoing issues.
Masiang said the call by Wong was correct as the reasons many issues were ongoing was because they were never addressed at the roots.
“For example, in Morobe now we have lots of ongoing tribal fighting over land disputes and sorcery violence among many other issues,” he said.
“Now police can address the issue by stopping the tribal fight, but they will fight again as they still have issues over the land which will require the
Lands Department to come in and solve.
“Or for sorcery cases, police will arrest the perpetrators but it is ongoing because leaders and authorities have to make decisions and create policies and laws to protect people.”
Masiang said that everyone had to work together and understand that law and order was everyone’s business.
He also called on the Morobe government and administration to work with the law and order sectors in the province to address issues.