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THE Host Organising Committee (HOC) for the PNG Games yesterday received a timely boost of K100,000 from the Brian Bell Group of Companies.
On hand to deliver the funds toward the organisation of the November games in Port Moresby was none other than Mr B himself, Sir Brian Bell.
When making the presentation, Sir Brian said he was pleased to support a national sporting event, especially at a time when some of the sporting facilities in Port Moresby needed refurbishment and upgrading.
In the presence of PNG Games chief executive officer Mary Karo, HOC chairman Jack Pidik and NCD Governor Powes Parkop, Sir Brian said he was pleased to assist in the staging of the PNG Games.
A long-time supporter, sponsor and administrator, Sir Brian expressed concern that some of the sporting facilities in the capital city were in dire need for upgrading and funding.
He said he was happy to contribute towards a worthy cause, especially when that worthy cause would help rural athletes showcase their talent.
Karo was overwhelmed by the generous gesture by Sir Brian and assured him that the money would “most certainly be put to good use”.
She said that besides improving sporting facilities, funding was also needed to refurbish NCD schools facilities, Government institutional infrastructures including Bomana Police College buildings, Taurama army barracks and CIS Bomana buildings to accommodate visiting athletes and officials during the games.
She said the deadline for provincial teams to pay their registration fee of K5,000 had been extended until the end of this month.
Pidik and Parkop also commended Sir Brian for his generosity acknowledging his contributions to sports in the country.
“The assistance Sir Brian had given will go a long way to promote grassroots sportsmen and women in the country and encourage them to aim higher for their pursuit for excellence in the sports of their choice,” Pidik said.Parkop also assured the city residents and the people of PNG that the games will be taking place in NCD and the HOC were in the right frame of mind to better prepare the facilities for the event.
He also called on the people of NCD and Central province to support the HOC in their preparations.
He further appealed to business community to cooperate and support the HOC make the PNG Games a great success.