MRDC must be allowed to handle MoA funds payout

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday, June 6th 2011

I find it very worrying that some landowner leaders are going to the media and courts to stop the state from channelling MoA funds through MRDC.
This will ensure that funds are used for projects applied for and will benefit the community.
In 2009, MoA funds were paid to landowners for certain projects they have applied for under companies they registered.
Moving around landowner communities, I have never seen any footprints of these funds.
I wonder what roles the EIC is playing to ensure these funds are properly used.
The EIC is based is Konedobu and it does not make site visits.
I see many landowners running around in Port Moresby chasing for the next lot of MoA funds.
My heart breaks for the people in the villages.
Recently, they expressed their frustrations and anger at ExxonMobil and Esso Highlands for not providing spinoff projects.
If the MRDC was to manage the funds, at least the money will be accounted for and villagers will see projects reaching their communities.
The government must challenge the court and ensure funds are managed by MRDC.

Yakira Kaleiv