Mt Kare people want mine started

National, Normal

The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

FOURTEEN landowner clans from Mt Kare Exploration Licence area 193 want developer Indochine (Summit) and partners to develop the hard rock mine and call on Moresby-based landowners to stop misleading investors.
The 14 clan chiefs and spokespersons, including Judy David, a women representative from the Leyapi Pende clan, said the people of Mt Kare had suffered enough for 25 years and want the developer to start work on the gold mine.
The landowners, who requested for the company to come, are Hondole Takli, Buka Tuyabae, John Tarale, Osh Krai, Martin Yalipu, Ikina Ulawe, Bakau Tayabae, Yakari Pipilya, Yakapi Wamapa, Genda Waiyamu, Judy Buka, Lina Tuyapi and Tigi Para.
They added that many elderly people had died and want the mine to start so that necessary land identification and social mapping could be done.
Iya Yayape of the Leyepi Pakire clan said there was no umbrella landowner company and, therefore, there should be no party claiming to represent the landowners.
However, he said after the warden hearing, there were two other meetings to resolve the tribal fighting and restore peace to allow investors to move in.
“We, the landowners of EL 193, have our own resources and know what we have on our land and other clans and landowners will do the same so they should not be speaking for us because we have our own people and our own leaders,” he said.
The landowners have all resolved to allow the warden hearing to be followed by land identification and social mapping before an umbrella company is formed.