Much work left to be done for health sector

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 I SUPPORT Michael Malabag for his efforts to improve health services in Port Moresby and around the country. 

While embarking on that, can we prioritise the lifting of the morale of hospital staff so they can raise their performance? 

We need to upgrade health infrastructure and medical treatment facilities for both medical and hospital staff.

Malabag must look in-to making medication affordable right across the country. 

Currently, most people cannot afford to pay the high medical costs to treat themselves or cannot meet the high cost of services such as CT, ultrasound scan and other medical services.

I would like to appeal to the respective boards and managements of hospitals in Port Moresby to allocate funds wisely to serve its purposes.

Health is an important aspect of everyone’s lives. 

So let us all work towards improving and raising healthcare quality in the country.


Golai Kambut

Port Moresby