Mudslides threaten Jabiru community

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The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RESIDENTS at Gordon’s, Jabiru Drive are threaten by soil and debris that have been washed down from the hill behind them by the heavy rains in recent days.
Residents are calling on authorities to look into the matter.
It was uderstood that an Asian company Moresby Betting Shop had been developing the hill top for business extensions but had left without completing the job.
Long time resident, Grace Ikosi said the company left for unknown reasons which made the hill top bared and caused soil erosion after continuous rains.
“We have not been sleeping properly for the last few days because of fear that the rains may cause a massive movement of soil erosion from the hill behind us.
“We have made this known to the media for relevant authorities to see what we are going through and act quickly before properties and lives are affected.
“Water is flowing under our houses and the soil is now coming up to our fences and a few more heavy down pour and we will be gone,” Grace said.
Another resident Dianna Rambe was furious with the Moresby Betting Shop who was responsible for the incomplete work on the hill top.
“These company needs to be responsible for their mess. How comes they left the work incomplete and even built a drain at our back yards?
“All the vegetation is removed leaving the land bare and making it easy for soil erosion to take place,” She said.
Rambe said Governor Powes Parkop was aware of the issue and had directed the NCDC engineers to have a look at the situation.
“I even visited the Moresby Betting Shop and the Lands Department to look into this issue but nothing has been done,” Dianna said.
She said one of the neighbours’ fence was buried by the soil following heavy rains on the weekend.
“There is excessive soil and debris in our yards and it is slowly building up.
“Grace and I have been here with our families for the last 30 years and we have not experienced anything of this sort until after the hilltop was cleared and now we are becoming the victims.
“As  a civilized neighbourhood, we are calling on relevant authorities to intervene quickly and fix this mess or we will be the ones suffering and eventually dying,” Dianna said.
Meanwhile, the National Weather Service confirmed that there would be more rains in the coming days as this was normal wet season for the region up until the month of April.
NWS officers also warned people living along big drainages to keep an eye out for possible flooding once the drains were blocked by debris.