Museum gets photos showing how Moresby has changed


Grade 11 Kila Kila Secondary School students, during a visit to the National Museum, presented six framed photographs to add to a contemporary collection showing changes over Moresby South in the National Capital District.
The photos show the past and present landscapes around Koki, Ela Beach and Konedobu among others.
“We want to erase the negative image of our school and rewrite history for Kila Kila Secondary,” deputy principal Philemon Geidilo said.
The students and their teachers visited the National Museum on a school project which was based on the
topic of pre-colonial PNG, with a focus on changes in the Moresby-South electorate. The project was to acknowledge and appreciate the changes taking place in Port Moresby’s development as a city  as it was always difficult to remember how things used to be in the past.
National Museum education officer Patricia Sosori was surprised by the presentation and the efforts of the history students.
“I appreciate the fact that students took time to research important factors about the past and I’m very grateful.  Job well done, with a wonderful guidance from their teacher,” she said.
The school plans to build a mini museum to feature the changes Kila Kila Secondary has been going through.