We must keep the faith for Kumuls


There were high expectations of our boys after the massive margins against other nations in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup.
We all felt the same sinking feeling when we saw the final score against England.
We had come a long way to fight that battle to be on the top.
Wayne Bennett’s coaching standard shows that we still need to lift up our game.
This was the first time for our Kumuls to go into the quarter-finals.
This was history-making and an eye-opener for our sponsors and supporters.
We must keep the faith despite the fact that we lost.
It is time we develop our players with discipline and high standards.
I think this was somewhat lacking in this series.
I appreciate some of the positive comments from overseas rugby stars and coaches.
Let this loss against England shape our future in rugby league.
I believe our superb coach Michel Marum is working on something after that last game in Melbourne.
Keep the faith.

Joe Kin Kaupa