Mutzing needs a morgue: MP

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MARKHAM MP and Morobe Deputy Governor Koni Iguan has called on the Health Department and Morobe provincial division to upgrade Mutzing Health Centre’s standard to become a hospital.
He said Mutzing Health Centre, located about 100kms out of Lae on the Okuk Highway, needed an intensive care unit (ICU) and a morgue to cater for victims of accidents.
Mr Iguan said the growing number of vehicles increased the chances of accidents and fatalities.
He said the death of the 40 people had heavily overwhelmed health workers and resources at the centre.
He was speaking on the lawn of the centre where the dead were lined up.
“This is unhealthy and below health standards,” he said.
“Mutzing definitely needs an ICU and a morgue to cater for such cases before referring victims or patients to Angau General Hospital.
“Its time now for responsible authorities to think big and implement plans that is necessary for people.”
Mr Iguan also called on the Road Safety Council to set in place mechanisms to monitor vehicles moving up and down the highway to ensure drivers do not exceeded loading capacity and are not intoxicated.
Witnesses on Tuesday afternoon said bottles of beer were found in the driver’s seat of one of the vehicles.