MV Rainforest does not profit

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The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013

 THIS is a response from Bau Transport on an article written by Ellen Tiamu, “Resume Services, leader says”.

Bau Transport has been providing weekly sea transport services by operating and managing MV Rainforest owned by Huon district since December 2008.

The Huon coast area from Salamaua to the border of Morobe and Northern provinces is a known “uneconomical zone”, thus, no commercial sea transport entities operate into the area. 

Lutheran Shipping that has been operating in Morobe province for many years does not operate along the Huon coast to Morobe LLG because the area is uneconomical for the company  operations.

In response to Ross Seymour’s complaint that fares collected from passengers should go into the district’s coffers is no way possible because MV Rainforest operations do not make profit given the fact that the Huon Coast area to the Morobe and  Northerno border is uneconomical zone.

Bau Transport annual operation reports to Huon district administration shows that MV Rainforest operations does not make profit, therefore, it is not right for Ross Seymour to make ill-advised public statement on passenger fares collected to go into district coffers. 

MV Rainforest’s one voyage to Bau Island, Morobe LLG and return, the operation costs is more than the money made from passenger fares and cargo freight charges because the area is uneconomical zone.    

The MV Rainforest is currently undergoing mandatory inspections in compliance to NMSA regulations and requirements, thus, upon completion it will resume normal weekly operations.  

We assure the people of Morobe LLG that sea transport services will return to normal and serve them. We ask Huon district administration to provide factual information on MV Rainforest and Bau Transport to Ross Seymour to make true public statements. 


Ishmael Sasa, Via email