Mystery body rotting in cave

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THE body of an adult male is decomposing inside a cave in the bushes of Hal River in the mountains of Nondogul, Western Highlands.
Western Highlands provincial police commander Kaiplo Ambane confirmed the rotting body of an adult male, adding it was difficult to remove the body from the bottom of the cave.
He said locals from Nondogul and North Waghi, who frequented the cave to identify the body, claimed it was of an Asian man or a foreigner.
“The locals are saying this because the body has turned whitish after being in the water at the bottom of the cave for too long,” Ambane said.
But, he said, the origin of the corpse could not be confirmed yet because it had decomposed beyond recognition.
“Members of the Western Highlands police are at the scene collecting hair samples and other necessary clues to confirm the identity of the man,” Ambane said.
“It would be difficult to remove the body without special assistance.”
He said locals were claiming that the corpse was of an Asian miner looking for precious stones and gold.
But Ambane could not confirm reports until proper tests and examinations were conducted on the samples collected.
The locals had not reported anyone missing from their communities.