Namah not the right choice

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I REFER to the appointment of Belden Nanah as the opposition leader.
I would have thought that Bart Philemon or Sam Basil would have been a better choice for the alternate government to stand any chance of winning the general election next year.
Both Philemon and Basil have what it takes to become the prime minister.
I want to ask the opposition what Namah has to offer this country.
I doubt he has the necessary leadership ingredients that PNG needs today.
Apart from the rhetoric and noises he makes, I think he lacks substance, quality and depth in politics and it is hard to tell where he really stands.
If this is the way the opposition is going to position itself as the alternate government, then I would certainly not bet on them.
Come on, opposition, the people of PNG are watching you.
Do not let them down.
I would suggest you review the leadership if you want to have any chance in the elections next year. 

Opposition supporter
Port Moresby