Namah: Respect laws and court orders

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The National, Wednesday 16th November 2011

ACTING Prime Minister Belden Namah says all Papua New Guineans must abide by the laws of our country and orders of the courts.
He was speaking outside the Waigani court premises yesterday after emerging from the lock-up with Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat and a handful of government ministers and members of parliament.
After their appearance before the Supreme Court on contempt charges concluded at 10.30am yesterday, they were ordered to remain within the court precincts  until their bail documents and payments (of K5,000 each) were sorted out. They emerged and were greeted by a group of supporters at the car park.
Accompanying Namah and Marat were cabinet ministers Sir Puka Temu, Sir Mekere Morauta, Sam Basil, Jamie Maxtone-Graham and William Duma. Also with them was NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
Communication and Information Minister Jimmy Miringtoro and other government ministers had left earlier.
Namah thanked the supporters for waiting and the Supreme Court bench for its wisdom in granting Marat and him bail.
“I thank you all for your support. We, all Papua New Guineans, must respect the laws of this country. We must respect court orders.
“The court has, in its wisdom and recognition of us, granted us bail of K5,000 each. For this, I thank the five-bench judges who granted us bail,” he said.