Namah’s move disgraceful


IT is disgraceful to see the Opposition Leader Belden Namah joining the other PNC party members and alliances to bail former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill at the Boroko police station.
Namah initially lodged the complaint at the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate at Konedobu after realising the purchase of these two heavy duty power generators were done through fraudulent means.
Namah was applauded for taking the initiative in fighting corruption at all levels.
But to our surprise, he was seen accompanying other alliances of O’Neill mobbing the Boroko cell trying to bail and rescue him.
People have lost their trust in him as his proclamation of fighting corruption as an opposition leader has gone down the drain.
If he was a true leader, he should have allowed the court alone to deal with them in finding out the processes that have been involved in purchase those generators that are not necessarily needed in the country.
He should refrain from interfering into these fraud cases.
It was stated that he was trying to withdraw the case.
If this is true, than whose interest is he serving in Parliament?
This really shows that he is hungry for power and money.
The fraud squad have compiled enough evidences to interview and question O’Neill for his involvement in this illegal purchase of generators but Namah’s actions contradict what he speaks about in Parliament and the media about uprooting corruption.
His attempt in withdrawing the complaint tells the public indirectly that he is trying to promote corruption at the bureaucratic and political level.
Let law alone deal with these corrupt leaders and do not interfere to sabotage the good work of the fraud squad.

Ruben K. Walkers

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