Names misspelt in North-East

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MORE than 30 candidates who filed their nominations to contest the Moresby North-East seat did not have their names on the common roll.
Returning officer (RO) Billy George confirmed that these candidates were given form 11 to fill in order to be allowed to nominate.
George said some of the candidate’s names were either misspelt or were not on the common roll.
He said two of the candidates’ names were transferred from another electorate because of the changes in their place of residence.
George said it was part of the process that the team had cleared.
“We had a full team with our data entry officers who ensured that names of candidates were recorded correctly on the common roll,” he said.
George said the Moresby North-East team from the day they started accepting nominations last Thursday had noticed candidates’ names missing or wrongly spelt on the common roll.
With the form 11 copies at hand they were able to assist candidates get their names on the common roll and spelt correctly.
George said those candidates who did not follow the processes were assisted to ensure no one was turned away.
He said the candidates were given ample time to ensure all their paper work was in order for their nomination forms to be accepted and registered.
NCD assistant election manager Rosalyne Tabogani confirmed that there were candidates without names on the common roll.
She said her team was given copies of form 11 to assist candidates register their names on the common roll while filing their nomination. A total of 76 candidates, five of them women were confirmed to contest the North-East seat.

North-East records biggest number of candidates

SEVENTY-SIX candidates will contest the Moresby North-East seat in the general election.
At the close of nominations yesterday, there were 77 candidates but one had withdrawn due to personal reasons.
North-East returning officer (RO) Billy George told The National that they had a record number of candidates turning up beyond the 55 mark in the 2017 election.
He said even at about 3.30pm with half an hour before the official close of nominations five candidates were in the queue.
George said his team ensured all candidates nominations were accepted and registered before the closing time of 4pm.
“We have recorded the largest number of candidates in the whole of NCD,” he said.
“It was a quiet polling period and we were happy to accept the candidates that came forward with their nominations.
“Except for one that withdrew at the last minute, all candidates went well in filing their nominations. Some came with incomplete processes but we guided them and ensured they filed their nominations,” George said.
He said nominations for Moresby North-East seat started with 35 candidates on the first day then each day the numbers kept coming in until the final day yesterday.
George said candidates realised that time was running out and they lined up with their supporters at the last minute to ensure they got in.
“From our observations of the turnout of candidates, we knew this time North-East would break the record,” he said.
George said there were five women and 71 men who filed their nominations. He said the drawing of names would take place today at the NCD Electoral office in Boroko.
“After the names are drawn and candidate numbers confirmed today then the campaign period will commence.”

Pangu Pati nominates seven women

A TOTAL of seven women have nominated under Pangu Pati to contest in this year’s general election.
Party secretary Morris Tovaeba said the women candidates endorsed by Pangu had nominated to contest the Milne Bay and NCD Regional seats, as well as the Henganofi, Hiri-Koiari and Alotau open seats.
“Jennifer Rudd will be contesting for the Milne Bay provincial, Lucielle Paru for the NCD regional seat and Samoa Rage for the Hiri Koiari open,” he said.
“Mofa Giheno for the Henganofi open, Natasha Panta for the Alotau open and another two that I will have to check and confirm.”
Tovaeba said that in total Pangu had endorsed 80 candidates contesting in the election, 14 were sitting Members of Parliament, 66 were new candidates of which seven were women.
“Most of our candidates have already nominated and we look forward to the start of campaign period, but so far we are happy to see the support for the Pangu Party, from the islands to highlands and down to the coast, the show of confidence and support to the party has been overwhelming,” he said.
Tovaeba said that Pangu was here to stay and had been around for a long time.

Eight registered for Moresby South seat: Officer

EIGHT candidates have registered so far for the Moresby South open for the 2022 general election, an official says.
Returning officer (RO) for the electorate, Gau Toea said of the nominations filed only one was a female.
He said since the nominations began last Thursday (May 19), four candidates were nominated including incumbent MP Justin Tkatchenko, while one registered the following day.
“Since Friday, we had only five in total who showed up to be nominated, by the weekend there was no show of interests until Wednesday of this week when we received two additional candidates,” he said.
Toea said the candidates who nominated for the Moresby South electorate included incumbent MP Justin Tkatchenko (Social Democratic Party), Charles Kassman (People’s National Congress), Samson Kirilyo (Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party), Michelle Hau’ofa (People’s Party), Peter Ilau (Melanesian Alliance Party), while John Cameron Peni and Paul Kei nominated as independent candidates. The latest addition (yet to be identified) made an appearance to be nominated around 4pm yesterday.
Toea said Moresby South would conduct its order of draw today.
He said this is the only requirement candidates have been waiting for since they were nominated.
“Straight after the order of draw, we will prepare for the polling period again while candidates are given ample time to conduct their campaigns.”
Toea added that they were looking to allocate teams to set up at locations in the electorate during the polling period.