Namora says abuse of minors on the rise

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The National – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SEXUAL offences against minors are on the rise in the National Capital District, according to NCD police superintendent for operations, Jim Namora.
Chief Insp Namora said that over the past few weeks police in NCD have dealt with substantial number of cases in which children under the age of 13, of both sexes, have been raped or molested
Although Namora did not disclose the figures he said the daily occurrence book of major police stations in the city had recorded at least one or two cases of rape and molesting of underage children.
He said the trend was worrying because in most instances the people who are committing these acts are people whom the victims know and trust.
They were people who were placed in the position of trust and responsibility of young people and children.   
“I would like to warn fathers and mothers to be wary of the people whom they are leaving their children with at anytime of the day.
“If parents decide to go out for work or shopping they must take the children with them; they must not leave them on their own.”
“If they can’t do that then they must leave the children in day-care institutions or else one of them should stay in the house to mind the children,” he added.
Namora said it was dangerous for a lone male, whether it is the uncle, cousin, nephew or sometimes even the father or step-father, to watch over the children by himself as temptations to commit such indecent acts could be high.