Narrow down health plan: Kase

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

Health secretary Pascoe Kase says provinces should narrow down the national health plan to their provincial levels and discuss issues and ways to overcome them.
Kase told the national health conference in Port Moresby that  chief executive officers of hospitals and provincial health advisers should read the mid-term review of the plan and make comments in reference to their performance as a province.
“One of the recommendations of mid-term reviews are that success stories of one district could be shared and replicated in other districts. Let’s reorganise ourselves because nobody will do that for us,” Kase said.
He said provinces which wanted to implement the provincial health authority should ensure their hospitals and rural health services were functioning well and chief executive officers and provincial health advisers were working with the provincial government and administrator to implement the PHA.
“Assess the situation and propose to government. It is up to each province to decide to take on the provincial health authority because PHA has its requirements and conditions that are too tough.” Kase said.
“Let’s start addressing those issues as we try to progress, especially the clinical and technical leadership although the support functions are already in place and the technical issue we must put in for HIV, malaria, TB and others.”
Kase told health professionals to start addressing their issues to change the situation.