National Alliance remains intact, says Schnaubelt

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THE National Alliance (NA) Party remains intact despite its 12 MPs split between the Government and Opposition camps, says general-secretary Walter Schnaubelt.
Party leader Patrick Pruaitch and five MPs have joined the Opposition. Schnaubelt and four others are remaining with the Government. The 12th MP, Sir Mekere Morauta, is overseas.
Schnaubelt, also the Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, told The National that the party was “grooming leaders to be transparent and accountable”.
He said his group on the government side “respects and understands why party leader and Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch joined the opposition and ended up in the Vanimo camp”.
“As a fourth-termer in parliament, he has all the rights to vie for the prime ministership. Right or wrong is for him to determine,” he said.
“The NA Party as a whole is still intact and not split as some would like to claim. The NA Party is here to stay. So grooming our leaders to be transparent, accountable and responsible is to allow individual opinions to be heard, flourished and respected is the National Alliance way.”
It is the second largest party in the coalition government led by Prime Minister James Marape.
Pruaitch led the NA MPs from the Opposition to join the Government in September last year to bolster Marape’s numbers in Parliament. Four were appointed to Cabinet – Pruaitch as Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Schnaubelt, Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey and Communications and Information Technology Minister Timothy Masiu.


  • I don’t think those MPs in Vanimo camp can do significant change in this short period of time.
    I am a lost citizen of Sandaun, living in Madang, due to poor transparent leadership in my province, which forces most of us to move out of the province and residing in other provinces. Why joining these Vanimo MPs.
    Even some are long serving MPs claiming more terms in parliament with little to show in their districts.
    Nothing will happen even if the opposition have the numbers to form government.
    But I propose, Must not they!

  • Do action as a a team and a whole (round up the sheep’s now)- showing party solidarity and confidence to vast NA party followers.

  • Self ego last. Country first approach is right at this juncture. Even PMJM may be wrong but time doesn’t allow such to happen. Allan Bird and team are by far peoples leaders.

  • There were many capable and posses quality leadership potential are in your team now,why not appoint new one rather than waiting for old slack Patrick Pruaitch.He is a yo-yo control by people and being convinced that he will be the alternate Prime Minister when VONC is table on the floor of parliament comes november 30th.So let wait and see???

  • Painim leader ah? Rt. Hon. Govonor Allan Bird is the best choice for NA moving forward. Sapos NA laik wokim gut lo polls come 2022 NGEs, honorable Allan Bird is the one. A true warrior who will stand tall and thick. Mipla ol voters tu bai laik supportim and votim ol kain party we lo party leader e gat gutpla standing na integrity – eno ol kain clown olsem PP.
    So, NA, sapos yu laik wokim gut lo 2022 NGEs, makim leader we em bai representim party wantaim iron fist and eno wantaim string na yoyo!Rt. Hon, Allan Bird for party leader!

  • M tasol ya planit toktok maski givim position blo leader blo NA party go lo Bikpla pisin blo mipla ol Sepik yet Mando stret ya Rt. Hon . Govonor Allan Bird

  • Congratulations leaders for your stand during this political standoff. Government is not about the Prime Minister or Speaker of Parliament but listening to the voice of the people and swiftly responding. Maybe you should lobby for the Deputy PMs post so honorable PP can be rewarded. I think he joined the wrong crowd. God bless PNG

  • Patrick Pruaitch is still the party leader and those NA members with Government can join party leader Patrick Pruaitch or move out and join other parties and remain in Government.
    Causing another inconveniences.

  • It is my humble view that the party caucus can have a VOTE of CONFIDENCE on their Leader. The majority will decide the fate of the leader whether he remains or a new one is elected or appointed. This is done in close consultation with Dr Gelu’s Office.

  • NA MPS your faces show us who you are. You have smile on your face show that you are following your peoples heart not stand for the money or bravery. Always be confident and have faith that God himself will choose the best out of it. PNGans are still at your side with PMJM.

  • PP is still the leader, NA is still intact no matter what. Time will tell so Marape noken givim false excuse na COVID 19 reasons lo stopim parliament sitting. 10.2 million is enough for COVID

  • Enough of hunting for position get to the people . The nation is in the hands God. He is the true judge and he will rule according to his word. He disowns greed and pride which tearing the nation apart. God save our nation.

  • The NA remnants in the government have demonstrated the groups impartiality in their endeavor to uphold the principles of good governance.
    They know very well that their actions alone will exemplify their inherent motives to best serve their people and most importantly, uphold the sense of National Unity & Patriotism. Maintaining the equilibrium in our country is not just the Politicians but every citizens responsibility collectively.
    PMJM has summed it up well.”If not now, when will it be?If its not you, who else will do it?
    Yaweh Anutu Bless PNG

  • How can you claim that your party is still intact when there’s a major split? Maybe you are just fence-sitting and watching the swing of things. That means Marape should be very careful with these NA opportunists from now on!

  • The NA remnant in the government are responsible leaders. In the face of trial and temptations stood the test. These men will make great leaders in the years to come. PP failed to pass the leadership test. He is in the opposition to payback and this is not the type of leader we need. The real NA leaders PP left behind will make PNG proud one day. Time will tell. I’m not surprised that Arthur Somare has joined up with PP in the opposition camp.

  • NA requires a new party leader going forward.PP has outlived his term and not produced the good.
    NA, is supposed to be a force to reckon with but is in the hands of a Glory seeker leader.

    With due respect to the others,I think Allan Bird would be an ideal candidate to move NA forward.

  • It is very clear that our lips confess Christian country, BUT OUR ACTIONS INDICATE OTHERWISE. Deeply rooted in Corruption. Thus the confusion and instability amoungst our elected Members of Parliament. Representing us the people and leading us blindly, without WISDOM, INSIGHTS, VISIONS, and making mockery of themselves, professing to represent us the people’s interest, but really their own. BN & his wantok PP by standards are incompetent leaders, who make noise and moves for someone else to be their leader.
    Another thing is that PNG Political Parties don’t have party members who believe in their party pillars and policies. Too many party splits. IT seems to me that their pillars and policies are power and money pastures.
    Be reminded that ALL ACTIONS ARE ACCOUNTABLE to GOD for which ALL OF US WILL STAND JUDGEMENT BEFORE THE GOD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ONE DAY. even your thought process is recorded. No one will escape. We will reap what we sow.

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