National council moves in to solve problems

Lae News, Normal

THE National Council of Women (NCW) will call another annual general meeting for the Morobe Council of Women.
NCW president Schola Kakas will facilitate and supervise the meeting at which an election would also be held.
The Morobe council has been in strife last month over the election of Ewffo Mare as the new president replacing Alevi Michael.
Mrs Michael has tagged the meeting unconstitutional and, therefore, illegal.
The counter-claim by the Mare faction has been that there was gross mismanagement.
The mudslinging has created confusion among the members of the provincial council.
A member, Loujaya Toni, said the council was answerable to the NCW.
“But when you have a NCW that has not funded the operations of the MPCW, who in turn had not paid up its affiliation fees for the past five years, do we still have to answer to the NCW?” she asked.
She said Morobe women need to work with their leaders who can deliver results.
Mrs Toni said under the leadership of the ousted president, there had not been any accountability or transparency with finances, decisions and assets.
She added the members felt that, after five years, it was necessary for an election to take place.
She claimed proper procedures were followed in calling up the annual general meeting from which all nine district presidents and 33 LLG presidents voted out Mrs Michael.
She said Ms Kakas should “meet with the new office bearers of the MPCW and get them to pay their affiliation fees before you have the mandate to mess around with the Morobe women’s choice”.
Mrs Toni also questioned the motive of Ms Kakas to have Mrs Michael remain as president.
She was referring to a letter addressed to Morobe Governor Luther Wenge, stating that the MPCW annual general meeting held on May 30-31, was illegal.
She also implied that this was “a move by the NCW to secure themselves and their network before the 2012 elections”.