National security at an all-time low

Letters, Normal


LATELY, there had been many break-outs from prison camps throughout the country. This week’s break out at Bomana maximum security unit is a clear indication that the top management of the Department of Correctional Services has lost control. They are incapable of running the department. The commissioner should be fired. Why has the Government allowed Richard Sikani to remain the CS Commissioner when time and again we have clearly seen that he lacks administrative capacity? Among others, his primary role is to ensure the prison camps are managed properly. I hold the Government responsible for not reacting in a constructive way to the earlier break-out. The Government should have sacked Mr Sikani a long time ago. In other countries, a series of prison break-outs would be a national disgrace and the man responsible usually throws in the towel. But not in PNG where the Government, CS and the people care less about anything. The do-not care attitude towards matters of national interest is the reason why we always act after the horse has bolted. The business community and the general public have every reason to be concerned. The police, despite criticisms, have done a fine job given the resources to round up the hardcore criminals. It is the CS who should ensure that these people are heavily guarded and locked away to serve their term for however long it takes. The CS Commissioner should be man enough to take the blame for it. Forget the internal investigation because we have not heard anything from investigations into earlier break-outs. Simple, remove the top hierarchy and the prison commanders. The rank and file will perform as good as their bosses. Forget the pertinent issues of low pay, no housing, pot bellies, overage, prison rations, old buildings etc. These are ultimately administrative matters to be resolved between the Government and the department. The public and the business community are not interested, we are concerned that PNG is not safe anymore. I will tell you what. The new strategy for the criminals will be not to run and risk being shot. Just put your hands up, let the police and warders take you and feed you for a month or a year and then you can walk out free. The national security advisory body must be busy trying to work out when agents of Osama bin Laden are coming to PNG or how to intercept North Korean missile landing in PNG. Again, forget it. Look after the hardcore criminals. That is what is important for PNG. 


– Belhat Nogut Tru,Eight-Mile, NCD