Nature Park honoured hosting Australian scientist who has found things in Melanesia


A RENOWNED Australian scientist whose work has contributed much in the discovery of fauna species in Melanesia, visited the Nature Park in Port Moresby recently.
Professor Tim Flannery’s extensive career as a scientist included the discovery of 29 new kangaroo species, 21 new species of mammals in Melanesia, discovered dinosaur fossils in Australia and found fossils of early mammals in Papua New Guinea.
He also takes an active role in animal conservation awareness in Melanesia.
Nature Park general manager Michelle McGeorge said it was an honour to meet Flannery “whose contribution to the discovery and conservation of fauna in PNG is immense”.
Flannery took a keen interest in the pig-nosed turtle research which just started recently.
He said it was the first time he had met the three species of cassowary.
McGeorge said Flannery’s passion for PNG’s fauna was obvious.
“He was genuinely impressed with the site and our research and conservation works during his visit,” she said.
Flannery’s visit was part of the PNG-Australian Alumini Association’s activities.