Nature Park kicks-off new holiday programme for students


PORT Moresby Nature Park started off its new holiday programme called “a-MAZE-ing Day Out” for students on holiday to learn new educational games to get them to think.
Variety of games were set including two giant maze challenges, jumping castle, face painting, puzzles, puzzles and others to keep students busy while waiting for school to start.
The programme started on Saturday and will end on January 27.
Communication and marketing manager Alisa Raka said the aim of the school programme is to get school children from toddlers up to 15, to explore different type of maze and puzzle games for them to think more and learn, then being at home for a very long time.
Raka said they had other several programmes annually that they ran in the park, including conservation, to teach students how to look after plants and animals.
“The a-MAZE-ing Day out is a perfect opportunity for families to gather and have a day of fun, laughter and bonding,” she said.

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