Nazarenes challenged to live like Christ


MEMBERS of the Church of the Nazarene in Jiwaka and Papua New Guinea were challenged to live like Christ and be the salt and light to transform the world with love.
The church’s regional director in Asia-Pacific, Mark Louw, said those who called themselves Nazarene Christians should not conform to the patterns of the world.
“Nazarenes are not pretenders nor attend Sunday service only. They live like Christ and become agents of transformation. Nazarenes should be Jesus’ disciples,” he said.
“They live day by day reaching out to the poor, the sick and the needy and pour to them Jesus’ love.”
Louw, his wife Linda and daughter Alexandra arrived in the country last Friday for a visit to the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital.
He was given the opportunity to share God’s word with the Church members on Sunday where he delivered a powerful and challenging sermon.
“As Nazarene church members, our sole purpose of living on earth is to transform the world. Nazarenes should be sharing, caring, forgiving, loving, humble, and be the light and salt to the world.”
He challenged the congregation at the Kudjip Nazarene Emmanuel Church to show others that they are the disciples of Jesus.
“Transformation must start within your heart, and then in this church, and then in the Waghi Valley and countrywide.”
He urged them to live like the people of the light because they have been transformed and renewed in Christ.
Louw shared the scripture in Ephesians 4 which teaches Christians about “the new life in Christ”.
“We are all members in the body of Christ. Do not make God’s Holy Spirit sad. Since you are God’s children, you must try to be like Him.”