NBPOL ups turnover

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The National, Monday 06th August, 2012

NEW Britain Palm Oil Limited (NBPOL) had a turnover of US$780 million last year, according to general manager for Milne Bay Estates Callum Skeet.
He said the turnover was mostly from palm oil harvests and cattle production from the NBPOL plantations and Ramu Agri Industries with 3.5 million tonnes of fresh fruit bunch (FFB), 30,000 tonnes of sugar, 1, and 300 tonnes of beef and ethanol.
NBPOL is a global leader in high-quality oil palm seed production and research and its operations are fully vertically integrated, producing its own seed and planting, cultivating and harvesting its own land, and processing and refining palm oil.
The company is the biggest employer in South Pacific region with contractors, suppliers, stakeholders, smallholder growers and landowners in all its operations.
In addition, the company already acquired 10,000ha on the border of Milne Bay and Central provinces to extend the company’s plantations.
Speaking at a Consultative Implementation Monitoring Council (CIMC) meeting in Alotau last week, Skeet had outlined the company’s plans and priorities as an investor in Alotau.
He said the company was embarking on social impact projects for the local communities, while being a business model for other investors.
Skeet said they were working closely with the national government and donor agencies in the construction of a 120km highway in Milne Bay.
 “We want to promote economic activities in the province…at the same time operate within standards of neighbouring communities,” he said.
“Milne Bay Estates contributes significantly to the economic growth of the province and by improving the national highway it will further boost economic activities in Milne Bay.”