NCD experiences more misery during elections

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The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

THE 2012 national election in the National Capital District has seen much in terms of delivery and conduct by the PNG Electoral Commission, the candidates and voters. 
Unlike in previous elections, NCD has gone through more woes and triumphs during campaigning, polling, counting and declarations.
It has been quite yet exciting for the candidates, their supporters and the voters in the city. 
With the six-week elections coming to a head for the provincial seat, the most favoured candidate appears to be sitting member Powes Parkop.
He is ahead of former governor and PNC candidate Wari Vele and newcomer, businessman Michael Kandiu, in third place.
The three electorates of Moresby Northeast, Moresby Northwest and Moresby South have declared their members as Labi Amaiu, Michael Malabag and Justin Tkatchenko respectively.
Elections in the city have seen a higher number of female candidates compared with the past.
Five women contested and indications are that they have done well.
There was an additional polling booth for people living with disabilities at the Hohola Rehabilitation Centre where they turned out in numbers.
Another plus was the reduction in election-related violence and a better general public behaviour.
Like most elections, the city had its setbacks.
Unnecessary delays were caused by polling and counting exercises because of late delivery of polling materials, officials boycotting over allowances, not enough ballot papers and boxes that could not cater for numbers. The main issue, however, was that many voters were turned away from the polling stations because they were not listed in the electoral roll. Disputing of votes dragged the counting process.
Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen has extended the period for the regional seat to next Wednesday for the return of the writs. 
Much has happened for the growing city but, all in all, NCD expects to see a full collaborated body of governor and open members to be in parliament to represent the people and bring further development to the city.