NCD police uncover major drug network

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The National, Wednesday 22nd May 2013

 POLICE have uncovered a major drug network when a joint police operation from Southern Command and NCD reserve unit officers exposed a major drug bust in the hinterlands of Gulf along the Purari River with a haul of 75kg of compressed harvested dried marijuana.

NCD National Drug Squad officer in charge Chief Insp Joel Kapinias said that the value of the drugs would reach a substantial amount on the streets. 

The drugs were neatly packed into 10kg rice bags then put into four large 50kg bags.

“The suspects were intercepted around 2.30pm by police officers on a dinghy they were using to travel down the Purari River through Neme Creek in the Pawaia inland area bordering Gulf and Eastern Highlands on Saturday”. 

“They were to proceed to Kerema town then into Port Moresby but were apprehended.” 

Seven suspects were intercepted but three managed to escape.

“From the four suspects that are now in police custody, three are from Yasuvi village, Okapa electorate, Eastern Highlands, while the other suspect is from Poroi village in the East Kerema area of Gulf,” he added.

They were brought down from Kerema yesterday and are currently in police custody at the Badili Drug National Office to be officially arrested and charged.

 “We have confirmed that this is one of the routes of which the drug trade is using to ship drugs down to the coast especially to Port Moresby via Kerema town or direct to Daru in the Western and from now on will be monitoring the area to combat the present situation,” he said.