NCDC to give notices on loitering

The National,Friday June 10th, 2016

THE National Capital District Commission will be issuing notices to shops in Port Moresby to stop vendors from loitering in front of shops, Urban Safety Division director Paul Komboi says.
He told The National that street vending and loitering had become an eyesore on shop fronts and contributed to littering.
“We will be issuing notices to shops to prevent people front loitering in front of their shops. Then with the assistance of police, we will be monitoring the city,” Komboi said.
“Shops have to comply with authorities and ensure the cleanliness of our city.”
He said those who failed to comply would be dealt with according to NCDC regulations.
“You go around the city and you’ll see people sitting around and selling betel nut, smoke, eggs, peanuts and others sell store goods,” he said.
“This has become a normal habit in the city.
“These very people litter by throwing rubbish and spitting betel nut, harassing others and obstructing pedestrians.”
Komboi said the NCDC police reserve would also arrest those sleeping in front of shops at night.
“You come to the city, you have a home. You can’t sleep on the streets,” he said.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop and his team are taking this measure in the effort to clean the city.
Regular visitors to the city will notice how much cleaner the streets are now – the blood red spit stains from buai chewers which once littered the streets and pavement have faded from view.
But unfortunately for some the ban on betel nut is forcing the market underground and is driving the cost upwards.
Many vendors who sell goods at roadside stalls in the city, earn income and support their families through such markets.
Such markets also make it convenient for local residents.