NCSL continuing to ‘expand’


Nasfund Contributors’ Savings and Loans (NCSL) Society attracts new members at an average of 1600 registrations per month, which translates to around 20,000 new members every year.
The society said in a statement it continued to expand as a growing business, in which its membership base had grown significantly over the last 15 years from 18,164 in 2004 to over 100,000.
According to general manager Vari Lahui, such growth showed the trust and confidence members had in the prudent management of NCSL.
“We offer to our members a smarter and easier alternative to banks and other deposit taking institutions,” he said.
“Smarter because there is more than one way to save, and easier because we provide a friendlier, personalised and more accessible services for our members.
“At NCSL, we value our members and their loyalty – entrusting us to manage their savings year-on-year.
“We have financially empowered over 106,000 members and welcome those interested in saving money.”

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