NEC approves K2 million to restore peace in Lae

Lae News, Normal

The National, Tuesday 06th December 2011

AN initial K2 million has been approved by the National Executive Council to go towards restoring peace and normalcy in Lae.
This comes on top of the K400,000 released by the Morobe provincial government since the ethnic uprising and crisis began a month ago in Lae.
The provincial peace and good order committee sanctioned to restore peace and normalcy in the city made the announcements yesterday through chairman Joshua Haggai.
Much of the provincial government’s commitment was used while awaiting assistance from the national government.
It included expenses covering policing and the cost of repatriation and burial of bodies of those who died during the crisis.
Last week, four bodies of Highlanders were repatriated to their home villages in Eastern Highlands and Chimbu provinces.
This week, issues with relatives of the remaining five bodies – of Morobe origin – will be ironed out before their mass funeral this Sunday in Lae.
While the committee will want to bury all the bodies in Lae, some relatives want to take their bodies back to their home villages.
One is from Komo in Men­yamya, one from Hube in Finschhafen, two from Bandong in Nabak and one from Wasu in Tewai-Siassi.
On top of that, the committee is aware that more than 200 men and women were injured during the uprising including those who sustained injuries allegedly inflicted by police officers.
Robert Aiyeng and Robert William from the provincial youth council said the bodies should be accorded the respect befitting heroes as they died for the peace and freedom in Lae for all Morobeans.