New beverages in market


AFTER Ilimo fresh milk and a range of dairy products, Innovative Agro Industry in partnership with Ilimo has now introduced a new line of fruit beverages to the market.
The new drinks are called Joi
Business development manager Gallit Tamir said PNG consumers wanted quality local brands.
“But when you go to supermarkets, the shelves are full of imported juice and fruit drinks,” Tamir said. “Joi Juice contains real fruit juice; that’s why you can taste the natural flavour when you drink it. It is refreshing, enjoyable, tasty and most importantly – it is produced here in PNG, a real Joi.
“The concept of using our pasteurisation processing to provide the market with quality fruit beverages was there all along.
“The priority was obviously serving the market with fresh high quality dairy products to be followed with high quality fruit beverages.”
Tamir said fruit beverages were made with concentrate of real fruit and considered better choice to most synthetic and aerated drinks.
She said fruit juice emerged as a popular beverage choice after the development of pasteurisation methods that allowed longer shelf life and storage of juice. “We are basically developing another product from the same production line.”


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