New Britain students cry foul over bus fares

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The National- Thursday, February 10, 2011


STUDENTS in East New Britain have raised concerns over some bus drivers charging them more than the normal student fares.

Day students who travel to school from their homes daily have complained that some bus drivers were charging them a little more than what they paid in the past, and what they should pay.

Many buses have avoided picking students every day because they prefer working class people and adults who normally pay a much higher fare than them.

It is evident to the locals and students who have lived for a long time in East New Britain that a lot of people have migrated into the province, especially the urban centres for unknown reasons.

That, the students said, has contributed to relatively more students attending urban schools in the province as day students.

“Many parents who live in urban centres especially in Kokopo and Rabaul are now having difficulties in enrolling their children in urban primary schools due to more village-based students being enrolled in town schools this year”, a parent said. 

She added that this has caused buses to categorise students, charging them with different rates.

According to Kokopo Transport Board, students’ rate from Kokopo to Rabaul is K1.50, Vunadidir to Rabaul is K1.10 and Kerevat to Kokopo is  K1.80

These rates are half the adults’ rate for travelling these respective routes and were set in 2008.

PMV owners and drivers are asked to stick to the rates set by Transport Board in 2008 since there has not been any increase.