New Bugandi principal promises to overhaul school

Lae News, Normal


ONE of the oldest schools in the country, Bugandi Secondary School, is set for massive changes under new principal Ben Yana, who has called for corporation from parents, students and teachers.
To kick-start that vision to change, the school is currently undergoing major physical renovations to most of its facilities by contracted builders under its allocated K3 million from the Government’s rehabilitation education sector infrastructure funds allocated last year.
Mr Yana said Bugandi had student behaviour problems which influenced other schools in the province, but had vowed to change this through Christian spiritual values.
He said most schools and parents concentrated on mental, social and physical development but lacked the focus on spiritual development of students which leads to students failing to progress in their personal development in life.
“Discipline, character building and academic performance are the three key areas that we will need in order to change the students.”
Mr Yana and his 52 teachers are in charge of 32 classes of students.
He has plans to make regular contact with other schools for exchange programmes to build stronger bonds between the teachers and students.
Mr Yana said he was mindful of the school’s previous academic records and had come up with a “master plan” to better this which he could present to the school’s governing council and parents and citizen’s committee for their blessings.