New education minister wants focus on early child education

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NEW Education Minister Joseph Yopyyopy wants the department to focus on a clear policy for early childhood education where a system is established that prepares preparatory students for formal education.
Yopyyopy said education was an investment and foundation for national development for the future and preparing children form an early age was important.
Yopyyopy said he wanted to share the responsibility of early childhood education with the church and women’s groups.
He pledged to continue the work of former Minister Nick Kuman in developing quality education and introduce measures to ensure effective and relevant learning and development.
“During my term, I intend to take a special interest to see how various education initiatives and priorities have progressed so far.
“For example, tuition fee free education, standard-based education, civics and Christian value education, the 1-6-6 school structure, the water and sanitation (WaSH) programme in schools, and a review of the national examinations and other reforms including the welfare of our hard working teachers,” Yopyyopy said. He commended the introduction of the civil and Christian values education (CCVE) and ensured the completion of the curriculum in the education system.
Yopyyopy said to complement CCVE there would also be an introduction of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in schools.
He said he would revisit the school of excellence policy to give prominence to science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects and would work with secretary Kombra and Teaching Service Commission to build capacity at the provincial level and make the department more accountable and productive.

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