New era looming


WHILE the global community is grappling hard on how to fight the Covid-9, a new era of world transformation is dawning right before our eyes behind the corridors of world financial institutions.
This pandemic is a mere illusion of what is hidden and tucked away from the public eye and scrutiny.
It is only a fraction of what is really taking place at the global scale.
As the world is faced with this tragedy, another war is taking place that will shape the world financial system pushing governments, businesses and the world populace into a new era of economic reform and financial shift to dimensions never before seen.
As the pandemic hits world financial institutions, governments and businesses, the global community will adjust to a more rigorous borrowing exercise to combat the pandemic and provide stimulus for economic recovery.
Founder of analysis and advisory firm Quantum Economics Mati Greenspan said the world was witnessing the death of capitalism and the birth of something new.
Closing the gap and limiting space for capitalist models, a shift that will force investors and traders desperately searching for markets that are free of interference.
This is just the tip of the iceberg; the world is yet to shift into a new era of transformation.
The pandemic is a systematic diversion of true events taking place by way of financial and economic reformations.
And perhaps a well-orchestrated game for global dominance and world transformation.

G. Antal Kesa King

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